Channel Four Television Corporation

Agency Application - Viewing / Booking Advertising Spots

Date: from Mar 2022 to Aug 2022

The project and my role

While actively collaborating with the Development team, Business Analysts, Testing team, and Product Owner, I took the lead in shaping the design direction and played a pivotal role in revamping the agency portal to book advertising spots for their marketing campaigns.

Design Process

Discovery Interviews

Given the expansive nature of this research project and the multitude of stakeholders involved, aligning everyone’s expectations presented a significant challenge. Early and structured communication with stakeholders was essential, and breaking the research into distinct stages proved vital for clarity and understanding.

We initiated our research with open-ended discovery interviews involving 5 agency representatives and 10 people from the Sales Team.
The rationale behind commencing with these discovery interviews was to embark on an initial exploration of the sales team’s order processing and the agencies’ decision-making processes regarding advertising spots. We aimed to uncover the various roles involved, understand the User flows associated with each role, identify current pain points, and ascertain the ideal job management solution.

Navigating the complexity of this stage involved swiftly grasping a convoluted journey and comprehending intricate payment and meter reading processes. However, this aligns with my strengths as a product designer, and I gained substantial insights through internal interviews and listening tours.


The discovery research enabled us to pinpoint existing pain points, comprehend the User flows for different roles, and delineate the responsibilities associated with each task stage. Subsequently, I crafted the MVP status and User flow, aligning it with the insights gleaned from our research. This strategic approach aimed to provide stakeholders with more dedicated time for their core responsibilities.

I delivered the research findings to the stakeholders, addressing crucial questions that would guide the team in shaping the product strategy. Given that the project spanned the interests of various stakeholders, a significant challenge was to facilitate alignment among their diverse approaches and directions. I frequently assisted cross-functional teams in their collaboration efforts and devised visualised processes to simplify the comprehension of the intricate procedures.

Ideation and Designs

I assisted the researcher in creating wireframe mockups for concept testing, enabling her to facilitate the testing process. Furthermore, I partnered with the researcher in organising co-design workshops with cross-functional teams, including the Programme Manager, Product Owner, and Business Analysts. I conducted these sessions online using Miro, facilitating collaboration among team members from various geographical locations.

Subsequently, upon receiving user feedback from those utilising the application, we persisted in recognising disparities between the MVP solution and their requirements, subsequently incorporating additional features. Notably, for agency users, it became evident that they desired more comprehensive statistics about TV programs, including demographics and viewer types (e.g., families, spouses, children). Consequently, I continued to refine the filtering system, introducing dynamic options contingent on the selected viewer type.

Here are some Agency Portal screens.

Summary and Learnings

The extensive discovery research project posed significant challenges, including the need to formulate an actionable research strategy to segment the research into distinct stages. Aligning the expectations of numerous stakeholders was also a demanding task.

I gleaned that establishing clear and effective communication with Product Owners is paramount during the initial phases of such comprehensive discovery projects.

Date: from Mar 2022 to Aug 2022
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